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Förnyelse / Renewal

In order to jump, you need to renew your license and membership annually. Check out prices and instructions here. 

Renewal fees in 2024

Membership fee Aros

Membership fee SFF



1800 kronor*

2100 kronor

3900 kronor

Other expenses

Closet rental

Accommodation parking (incl. electricity)

Policy caravan / cabinet

250 kronor

2500 kronor

Supporting member

Those interested in supporting the activities and goals of the Swedish Parachute Club Aros can become a supporting member. The membership fee is determined by the board. A supporting member does not have the right to own a locker or enjoy free facilities. This is intended for the actively participating club jumper.

200 kronor

Annual fee 2024

Can be paid into Postgiro 27020-7

How you do it

Step 1

Payment is made according to the prices in the list. Be sure to label your deposit with Certificate number + Name + Reason for deposit.


 Plusgiro account:

270 20 - 7 

When can I jump?

Check for yourself if your application has been approved in Skynet under the menu Digital License. If the correct year is displayed on the digital license, you have an active license for that year. If only the previous year is shown, you do not yet have an active license for the intended year.

Refresh your theoretical knowledge

If you have an A or B license, it is mandatory to print, fill out, and present a renewal exam before HL/KL.

Have you taken a break from jumping? Read about what applies to you in SBF Section 402:19 (p.56) and 402:02 (2.2.1 p.20).

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