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Beginner courses in 2024


Filippa Ekblom

Course participants 2020

Last summer, I impulsively booked a skydiving course at Aros. Puzzled by my spontaneity at the time - but today, I can only thank myself. This is a course where you receive all the knowledge, support, and preparation you need to become a skydiver, regardless of your background or age. Experiences, memories, and friends for life are things you get in abundance. Aros is a wonderful place, and skydiving is a hobby you don't want to miss!

Course leader: Alex Liebert

17-19 & May 24-26

6 available places

Course leader: Alex Liebert

7-9 & 14-16 juni

8 available places

Course leader: Omar baki 

3-7 juli

8 available places

More course dates coming soon!

For private courses for larger groups 4+, contact us at

Axel Åshuvud kursledare
Camilla Björklund.jpg
Kursledare fallskärm

Sara Hall

Camilla Björklund

Alex Liebert

Omar Baki

Axel Åshuvud

Fredrik Johansson

Course leader

Course leader

Course leader

Course leader

Course leader

Course leader

Course days

The theoretical and practical course extends over 4-6 days, depending on the number of participants/instructors, usually spanning two weekends or days close to the weekend. After completing this part of the course and receiving approval, you, as a student, can begin skydiving according to the training plan for your continued jumps. The first skydiving jump typically takes place on the nearest jump day following the course.


Course contact:

Zanna Danielsson 

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Become a skydiver

Take a course at Aros!

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