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Fallskärm hoppare

Welcome to Sweden's most beautiful dropzone!

Everyone is always welcome to the Aros Parachute Club. Whether it's for skydiving or simply to swim in the pool, sauna, play with the dogs, have dinner with the gang, hang out at the bar, play Connect Four with the undefeated Tåbbe, or chat for hours about anything with Söderberg.

Life at the club

In the hangar resides our splendid aircraft, a C208 Supervan, capable of accommodating 15 skydivers and taking us to an altitude of 4000 meters in just ten minutes! New for this season is that we now also have an oxygen system, allowing us to jump frequently from 6000 meters!

We are currently constructing a gym, have an amazing treehouse, and in the Freefly corner, you can hang out, sunbathe, share secrets, or read a book.

On Aros' porch, there's always a lively atmosphere.


Students are being trained, wingsuit teams are rushing to catch the next lift, ice cream is being enjoyed, and gear checks happen continuously. There are always friends to chat with, someone to learn from, and comfortable sun loungers for a nap.

Aros fallskärm

The clubhouse

In the clubhouse, you'll find "The Pack" with ample floor space for parachute packing, stretching exercises, and the occasional yoga session. There are also lockers available for storing your belongings.

From "The Pack," you enter social areas with sofas, a large TV showcasing the day's jump videos, and Artur's surround system. This often leads to enjoyable movie nights.

The kitchen is equipped with refrigerators and storage drawers for food. Stoves, pots, and utensils are also available. If you're not up for cooking, you can grab a meal at the kiosk.

In the clubhouse, you'll also find Aros' three freshest bathrooms, as well as briefing rooms, classrooms, the tandem office, and manifest.

Come as you are and stay as long as you feel like it

There's plenty of space for parking, and if you arrive by train, just give a shout, and someone is almost always available to pick you up. Otherwise, there's a bus that goes all the way.

In the sleeping barracks, there are several rooms with bunk beds, and in "The Village," you're welcome to set up your tent. The shower barracks have showers, toilets, and a sauna. Outside the shower barracks, we often light a campfire in the evenings.

A 10-minute walk from the clubhouse, there are bathing spots, and every morning, there's an early fitness session for the energetic ones.

Kväll fallskärm hoppare

The parachute family

Aros is Sweden's second-largest skydiving club, and we often hear that we're the friendliest. At Aros, we're one big family – we support each other, take care of one another, and lend a helping hand. Many of us spend the entire summer at the club, while others drop by for the day now and then. Whether you come alone or bring your family, girlfriends, mother-in-law, or soccer team, you're welcome. If you want some time for yourself, that's totally fine, or join in for communal dinners, movie nights, building projects, jogging rounds, and visits to Kokpunkten or Yoump.

In addition to our skydiving events like Freefly Week and FS Gathering, we enjoy celebrating holidays at the club. On Midsummer, we have a long table, crazy games, and dancing. On New Year's Eve, we enjoy a festive dinner, gather around the bonfire, and toast to the new year. We also organize Mexican evenings, "Kicki Cougar," crayfish parties, jousting tournaments, or just a regular hamburger night. And it's worth mentioning that Baloo insists on taking us to Nojon Moni for Indian food at least once a week.

Aros is a place for everyone – people of all kinds, children, dogs, partners, and friends. We cherish community, love skydiving, and often do things together.

Come and visit us!

The Aros Family

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