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Height                 Guests      (Members)

1500m              SEK 265         (240 SEK)

4000m              SEK 265         (240 SEK)*

6000m              SEK 500         (500 SEK)


Tandem jump           See Fallskarmcenter

Parachute training    SEK 14,500

Jumpleader 4000m   235 SEK

Jump prices include ♻️

Environmental Comp. 4:-

SFF Competition Fund 1:-

All jump prices apply when jumping from FK Aro's aircraft. FK Aros reserves the right to change the prices stated in the price list, without prior notice.

ATTENTION! Renewal and course fees are not refunded.

Prices 2024

Jump Account (Members)

Feel free to top up your jumping account before/after the current jumping season by paying into the PG account: 270 20-7.


During the current season, you do it easiest in the manifest due to administration time.

Of course you have to pay before you get on the plane. No money in the jumping account = No jumping.

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