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AFF course

There are different types of training programs to become a skydiver, and here we offer a so-called AFF course.

The course starts with a theoretical part. Once you have been approved in theory, you are ready to tackle the practical part – in other words, it's time to start jumping. To obtain your A-license (solo license), you need to be approved for 10 jumps. Immediately after that, you have 4 coach jumps to perform to be able to jump with others. The duration of the course depends on the weather and yourself, but expect it to take at least a couple of weeks.

Skydiving is done in collaboration with our AFF instructors and Jumpmasters. They are all trained by the Swedish Parachute Association and ensure that everything is done safely, providing feedback on the jumps. The majority of jumps take place from an altitude of 4000 meters.

Whether a jump is approved or not is determined by the AFF instructor or Jumpmaster you jump with. If you fail any of the jumps, you simply need to redo that jump until you are approved. However, this incurs additional costs.

The practical part is individual, so you decide when and how often you want to jump. Assuming there are scheduled jumps and instructors available, you are free to jump as much as you want!

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Option 1: AFF Course 14,500 SEK

(including 10 jumps)

Course prices include a registration fee, payable upon confirmation of a spot in the course.

NOTE: Mandatory medical examination is not included in the course price.

Option 2: Started AFF Course 6,500 SEK

(including 2 jumps)

If you choose option 2 and, after your two training jumps, decide to continue your journey towards an A-license, you can add the remaining jumps in the training plan at a cost of 9,000 SEK. The total cost for option 2 then becomes 15,500 SEK.

NOTE: Mandatory medical examination is not included in the course price.

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