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12 April 2024

Course contact

Zanna Danielsson

076-925 21 56

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Skydive course for beginners

Fallskärmsklubben Aros offers a modern form of parachute training, AFF. You will learn what you need to know about the parachute, how to control, land, and pack it. You will practice exits and body positions in free fall, and gain knowledge about safety, aerodynamics, and weather.

All courses take place at Johannisbergs airfield on the outskirts of Västerås, where we jump all year round. For more information, read our FAQ

Age and health

The minimum age for parachute jumping is 15 years. If you are under 18, you must have parental consent. You must be in good health, which means you should not suffer from any epileptic condition or have serious respiratory diseases.

Before you can jump, you need a health certificate to be filled out on a specific form. The medical examination is scheduled independently and must be completed before the first parachute jump. Note: The medical examination is not included in the course fee.

Elev fallskärmshoppare
Kurs Elev

The club house

Our club cabin is located at Johannisbergs airfield in Västerås. Here, you can stay overnight and socialize with other jumpers. Bunk beds are available, but you'll need to bring your own sleeping bag or sheets. We have a shared kitchen, showers, and sauna for your convenience.


You will be provided with a parachute and other necessary equipment for your jumps. Further information about what you need to bring will be provided when you enroll in the course.

Elev hoppare

Promote learning


Our association collaborates with RF-SISU Västmanland in terms of education and development. RF-SISU Västmanland is the sports educational association with the task of:

1. Working with education and development within sports and striving to stimulate people's learning.

2. Offering training that strengthens and develops various areas within sports.

3. Listening to the needs of sports and adapting the form and content of education accordingly.

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