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Take exit E18 at "Fagersta, Hamnen" and head towards Hamnen. (If you're coming from Stockholm, take the highway through Västerås.)

After approximately 4 km, turn right at the sign "Johannisbergs flygplats" (Johannisberg airport). Then, take the second left onto a gravel road. The clubhouse is the gray wooden house straight ahead.

Johannisberg 11, 725 91 Västerås.

Tandem booking: 08-82 63 36


Check-in & Rental Equipment

If you're visiting our wonderful drop zone for a jump, head to manifest first for check-in and present your license and rig. If you need to rent a rig, helmet, or altimeter, you're also in the right place.

Dropzone Briefing

Also, make sure to receive a briefing on the landing area before signing up for a jump so that you are aware of high-voltage power lines and other factors. Understand the "line of flight," the designated landing pattern, and other essential details. Safety first!

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