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"The only crazy thing here, would be not to do it"

People who have never jumped out of an airplane at 4000 meters sometimes think we're crazy - until they try it themselves. Then they realize that the only real madness would be to go through life without experiencing the freedom, thrill, and joy that comes with skydiving. Being surrounded by amazing people from all corners of the world who share the same passion doesn't hurt either. Warmly welcome to us at Skydiving Club Aros. Make the best decision of your life and sign up for a skydiving course today!

Flygplan Elev
"We know why birds sing" 
Fallskärmsklubben Aros

Phone: 076-1403282

Visiting address:

Johannisberg 11

721 32 Västerås

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Mailing address:

Swedish Parachute Club Aros
c/o DGTL POST AB #100657
Agavägen 52A
18155 Lidingö

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