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How can I get involved in HEAL's mission?

From donating or volunteering, to signing up for our newsletter or attending our events, there are lots of ways to get involved at HEAL!

What is "Health Equity"?

"Health equity is the principle underlying a commitment to reduce—and, ultimately, eliminate—disparities in health and in its determinants, including social determinants. Pursuing health equity means striving for the highest possible standard of health for all people and giving special attention to the needs of those at greatest risk of poor health, based on social conditions."

Source: What Are Health Disparities and Health Equity? We Need to Be Clear

Paula Braveman, MD, MPH

Where does Health Equity Alliance get its funding?

We are funded through a combination of state and federal funding, grants, and private donations. For more information on how a specific program is funded, or to support one of our programs, please contact us!

What sets HEAL apart from other organizations?

While there are lots of community organizations that do incredible work, HEAL is set apart by operating at the intersection of HIV+ care, harm reduction, and sexual wellness. By taking this multi-level approach of reducing harm and increasing wellness, we are able to not only empower individuals to be in control of their health, but also create lasting change at the community level.

Is your organization a 501(c)(3)?

Yes! HEAL became a 501(c)(3) in 1987!