AROS Freefly 2020!
27 jul, 2020  -  31 jul, 2020

AROS Freefly is a freefly camp, with high quality coaching and good vibes, based in Västerås - Sweden. For skydivers looking for fast progression and to connect with others in our community. We also offer you a nice view and some epic memories! 



Opens 29th feb, 13.00 CET!


Include this information in your email: 

- Name

- License nr

- Total nr of jumps

- Nr of freefly / moving jumps 

- Hours of tunnel 



- 200 jumps in total

- 100 freefly / moving jumps 

- Must be able to fly safely in groups of 4:1 or more



Alethia Austin

André Persson

Joakim Wetterfors

Rikard Mogren 

Kim Törnwall

Jim Stigen 

Video: Adrian Daszkowski



Kostnad: 2700:- 


Svenska Fallskärmsklubben Aros
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